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Talent Development

Modeling Skills

are focal for Anaplan implementations and support.

Think bigger and zoom out. Resources become a pre-requisite for center of excellence (CoE) genesis.

However big your targets are, a team can benefit from real life Anaplan modeling cases and best practices.


We offer our helping hand in getting people trained, whether they are just beginning or somewhat seasoned professionals:


People who are either Level 2 or Anaplan Intermediate Model Building certified.

With over 200 modeling interviews conducted we know that Certifications mean little. Experience is the king.

As part of the Postgraduates program your specialists:

  1. solve real life problems against time once or twice a month
  2. learn from solution review
  3. learn from best practice sessions

What you get is your talent pool rating that helps understand your team modeling performance and help you see gaps, decide on promotions, and give new responsibilities.


Do reach out to us if you have questions via .