Optimize Your Team's Clarity, Focus & Effectiveness

Not only will you have the opportunity to connect directly with Larry and Anne, but you will also be able to gain valuable, laser-focused insight into your next best move - to optimize your team's performance and your own!

The Exceptional Team Formula...


No matter who you are, or what you do, you are on many teams in life. Your ability to coordinate action, create results and inspire behavior change with these teams is a skill that sets you apart in life, in relationships and in your career.


This might be for you IF:


If you have always been a high performer...

If you are good at "getting the job done"...

If you are the person others bring their problems to...

If you do what is right, even if it is hard...


Have you ever felt...

Like you were meant for more?

You should/could be more connected to your spouse?

You should/could be experiencing more of life with your children?

You might run out of time before experiencing what you want to in this life?

Like you have done everything "right," but are still unfulfilled...

Leverage the knowledge you have gained by taking exceptional action with purpose and support.

There are three (3) CLARITY Strategy Sessions still available for those who tuned in to
Bill McVeigh's Project Management Show Podcast.

The strategy session is completely free and in it, you'll discover...

  • How to feel more in control of change in your life

  • The one thing standing in your way and what to do about it

  • The one thing you need MOST to get you where you want to go


Personal Freedom through
Management of your Environment

Take Control of Your Lifestyle
and your Team's Culture


Learn to create Desired End States to provide clarity, commitment and direction for every team you are on.


Learn to slay problems before they rear their ugly heads, giving you solutions before you suffer a

problem's messy challenges.


Learn the three (3) domains of excellence that Navy SEALs deliver on to create the Highest Functioning Teams.


Learn how you can leverage the battle proven planning methods of the Navy SEALs to power you UP

to the next level.

Read the testimonials from those just like you below.

"Did we achieve our DES (Desired End State) for our management summit? Yes and exceeded. One of the top 10 presentations I've ever seen. His workshops are now enjoyed by our
company's culture and operations."


Jan Zlotnick

Executive Director, Grapeshot

“I want to express our deepest appreciation for this amazing planning process and new skill set. I never knew there was a process in the first place, AND then to discover that software had been written for the process and we could learn it, that's like a miracle on steroids! The impact from using this program in my life and my family's life has been dramatic!”

Sue H. >>>

Entrepreneur, Creator of AirBnB
Freedom Formula

"Larry is excellent at providing powerful tools, systems, and mindset shifts. I would highly recommend working with his team, if you want to take your team and your life to 10x the next level you ever

thought possible."

Dan Z.

National Science Foundation
Large Facility Manager